Cross-Chain DeFi

What is Millennial Finance?

Millennial Finance is a next-generation Cross-Chain DeFi Suite. Millennial makes it easy to reap the greatest yields across various L2 ecosystems by building a framework to bring ALL of DeFi into the cross-chain, zappable future. Millennial Finance's operations are managed by Millennial DAO.

What is Millennial DAO?

Millennial DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization which, via governance votes by MLNL holders, controls the day-to-day operations of Millennial Finance. Millennial DAO determines what fees, if any, should be collected from users, and what these fees should be used for. Millennial DAO also controls MLNL liquidity on every blockchain. Token holders can vote to allocate MLNL liquidity to a new ecosystem as well as rebalance MLNL liquidity across supported chains in response to imbalances caused by high token demand.

What is $MLNL?

The Millennial token (MLNL) plays a key role in the operation of Millennial Finance. It functions as a governance token for Millennial DAO in deciding its day-to-day operations. It is also the medium of exchange for all off Millennial's Cross-Chain functionalities. It can be locked up in vote escrow to increase voting power, similarly to veCRV.
Last modified 1yr ago