Millennial Finance

Next-Generation Cross-Chain DeFi


Millennial Finance is a suite of Cross-Chain DeFi applications that make it easier than ever for users to reap the best yields across the whole DeFi ecosystem. We break down the barriers between farms, yield aggregators, and even blockchains to empower users to maximize their yield farming strategies.
Our focus since inception has been making it as easy as possible for any user to take advantage of the opportunities DeFi offers. All our products are geared towards minimizing the number of steps necessary to use any DeFi platform. We've enabled LP Zaps, Liquidity Migration, Vault Zaps, and even Cross-Chain Vault Zaps supporting many existing platforms.
Soon, we will be implementing a cross-chain yield aggregator of our own, further increasing our ability to serve the needs of our users. Our yield aggregator will leverage the MLNL token for powering its cross-chain functionalities.


In our version of an ideal future, users do not have to learn the technical details of DeFi in order to benefit from its opportunities. We want to abstract away all the details so users can focus on what they care about most, the returns that are available to them.
We enable users to enter and exit LP positions and Vaults using any token they are already holding, from whatever blockchain they're on. Millennial Finance takes care of everything in between, whether its swapping a token for another, or using funds to mint a specific LP token needed, even going as far as bridging funds cross-chain when necessary.
Millennial Finance empowers users to not even care what blockchain a certain vault is on as the whole network layer is abstracted away from them.

Current Products

Vault Zaps - Single Chain

Vault Zaps enable users to deposit into any vault using any token they are already holding.
For example, users can deposit into Reaper Finance's FTM-LINK Spirit LP Vault with CRV that they are already holding. The Zap tool takes care of all the necessary conversions in order to mint FTM-LINK LP tokens on SpiritSwap from the CRV the user has and deposits the LP tokens into the vault on behalf of the user.
A CRV -> FTM-LINK LP Vault Zap

Vault Zaps - Cross Chain

Cross-Chain Vault Zaps take our Vault Zap and enable cross-chain users to access the same great features.
Currently, Cross-Chain Vault Zaps support zapping from USDC, USDT, and DAI into any vault between Matic, Fantom, and Binance Smart Chain. Soon, users will be able to zap from any token, and the MLNL token will serve as the medium of exchange between chains.
Integration of Cross-Chain Vault Zaps into the main Millennial Finance site is in progress. For now, a Cross-Chain only frontend is available here.
A Cross-Chain DAI -> ANY-FTM LP Vault Zap

Liquidity Migration

The Liquidity Migrator supports migrating liquidity between different Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes). For example, a user may hold FTM/ICE LP tokens from SushiSwap, but realize there is a better incentive available for providing liquidity for this pair on SpiritSwap. With the liquidity migrator, a user can convert their Sushi LPs into Spirit LPs in one transaction.
A FTM/ICE Liquidity Migration from Sushi to Spirit
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